Off-Campus Health Fitness Program

To maintain compliance with state law, Spring Branch ISD offers substitution for Health Fitness classes.

The OCHF program is an approved substitution to meet the health fitness requirements set by SBISD and TEA. Health Fitness waiver requests will be considered for the SBISD health fitness requirement and the state high school Health Fitness graduation credit according to the Texas Education Agency Commissioner's criteria for Category 1 and Category 2 physical education waivers. Waiver requests must be completed by May 1. Delinquent requests will be denied.

District Procedure

Student applications are available through the OCHF website. Students/parents should submit the application form by the due date. Students are responsible for signing the form and getting signatures from their parent/guardian and coach. Also, students/parents should notify the school immediately if the student drops out, or if there is any facility/program change, and provide transportation either to school or for early pick up. There will be no supervised areas for these students to stay on campus for the unassigned class period.

The student is then responsible for submitting the form to the counselor along with the following documentations:

The counselor is responsible for his/her signature, securing the signature of the building principal, and sending the request form to the Campus Counselor.

The registrar/counselor is responsible for receiving and maintaining attendance and grades from the participating facilities. If a grade is not submitted for the first grading periods, a "no grade" (NG) will be assigned to the student and the Health Fitness Office will be notified. The Health Fitness Office will then contact the facility concerning their responsibility of submitting grades.

The private organization must agree to:

  1. Submit application and fee by February 9 of the current year.
  2. Notify the school counselor immediately if the student drops out or changes programs or facilities.
  3. Provide the school registrar/counselor with a report on each student's grade for each reporting period.
  4. Provide the school registrar/counselor with an attendance form on each student for each reporting period
  5. Notify the school and District immediately if the organization moves or goes out of business.
Failure to comply will result in removal of the facility from the approved OCHF facilities list.

To receive health fitness credit, the organization must provide at least 15 hours of instruction per week for Category 1 programs and at least five hours of instruction per week for Category 2 programs. It is the responsibility of the private organization to keep all records, duplicate reporting forms, and provide information required by the school in a timely manner.

A copy of the grading report form can be found online at Off-Campus-Programs which illustrates all of the due dates for each grading period. On the last day of each grading period, the director of the organization must mail the student credit form to the student's registrar at the school he/she is enrolled. A copy of the schools with addresses and contact numbers will be included in the Facility Application Packet.

Waiver Deadlines

Letters sent to facilities for the application process to be on the District's approved list
Due date for submission of facilities' application to central office administration
February 9
Due date for submission of student's application
May 1
Verification by central office administration
Master list with copy of applications sent to counselors and acceptance/denial letter sent to facilities and students from central office administration


To maintain compliance with the Texas Education Code, Spring Branch ISD offers students a waiver process for OCHF programs. This waiver process consists of Category 1 (15 hours) and Category 2 (5 hours) for high school and middle school. The belief behind this waiver program is to provide the opportunity to protect the academic success of an elite Olympic-caliber athlete and to avoid possible injury in the regular health fitness class that may compromise his/her continued participation in his or her off-campus program.

Request for waivers for approval of private or commercially sponsored physical activity programs will be considered in two categories. These are:

Category 1:
15 Hours/Week
  • Late Arrival
  • Early Dismissal
Category 2:
5 Hours/Week

In all cases, it is the responsibility of the Superintendent or his/her designee to certify both the level of participation and the quality of the program. Additionally, the District will monitor the quality of the programs that are approved, as well as maintain accurate and up-to-date information and data regarding students and facilities.

Written Board policies must be adopted authorizing the private or commercially sponsored physical activity programs to substitute for health fitness graduation credit. [See EHAC(LOCAL) and EHAC(REGULATION) for SBISD Board Policy]


  • The following activities are considered for approval:
  • A waiver will not be considered for participation in a sport for which the District fields a University Interscholastic League (UIL) team. Health fitness credit will be given for participation in non-UIL activities on campuses that sanction a club in that activity.
  • The District offers the following UIL Sports. A waiver will be given consideration for approval at the middle school level in a UIL sport that is not offered until high school. The following sports CANNOT be considered as Off-Campus Health Fitness Programs:

    Middle School

    • Basketball
    • Cross Country
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Track & Field
    • Volleyball

    High School

    • Basketball
    • Cross Country
    • Dance
    • Football
    • Golf
    • Soccer
    • Softball
    • Swimming & Diving
    • Team Tennis
    • Tennis
    • Track & Field
    • Volleyball
    • Wrestling